Our showreel

Phil Chalk, Managing Director

Phil Chalk

Managing Director

Alan Smart, Operations Director

Alan Smart

Operations Director

Lizzie Radcliffe, Production Co-ordinator

Lizzie Radcliffe

Production Co-ordinator

Simon Elms, Financial Director

Simon Elms

Financial Director

Gabriela Melencova, Financial Administrator

Gabriela Melencova

Financial Administrator

David Porter, Head of Post Production

David Porter

Head of Post Production

Claire Richardson, Senior Editor

Claire Richardson

Senior Editor

Michael Cartner, Editor

Michael Cartner


Pauline Edwards, Head of CGI

Pauline Edwards

Head of CGI

Alasdair Saunders, Senior Sound Engineer

Alasdair Saunders

Senior Sound Engineer

Paul Lovatt-Cooper, Head of Music

Paul Lovatt-Cooper

Head of Music

Geoff Walker, Studio Director

Geoff Walker

Studio Director

Chris Tichborne, Studio Director

Chris Tichborne

Studio Director

Michelle Scattergood, Production Manager

Michelle Scattergood

Production Manager