Factory Transmedia Limited

Date: 27.9.2019
Version Control: v3as2018acsgreen.

Carbon Neutral Policy & Plan 2018/2023

Factory’s ‘Green Initiative’ aims to bring animation and carbon neutral filming to the North West and is a key business sustainability initiative for Factory Transmedia Limited. With broadcaster’s and clients world-wide including; NBC Universal, Disney, Nickelodeon, BBC, CBBC, CBEEBES, ITV, Coolabi, JAM Entertainment, among its clients.

Mission Statement:

“The animation and film industry must change the way in which we work, the tools we employ, the travel we undertake and the productions we execute to reduce our impact on the climate and environment,”

“The Green Initiative has been created to be a carbon neutral studio film production, employing technology and work methods that will ensure minimal impact on the planet without compromising the quality of content.”

Phil Chalk

Factory’s ‘Green Initiative’ has committed to seven key actions to reduce its environmental impact:

  • Repurpose and recycle:Instead of requiring new studio infrastructure, all projects will be housed in our 4 pre-existing and totally upgraded studio infrastructure
  • ‘No energy’ filming:The facility has been upgraded with ultra-efficient LED lighting
  • Consume less resources:Instead of conventional constructed sets, film and TV content will be filmed using virtual ‘digital sets’ wherever possible
  • Reduce air travel: The latest virtual video conference facilities have been installed and will be used to allow clients, agencies and even directors to be actively involved in production/decisions without needing to travel to the studio
  • No ‘printed words’ on set:Scripts, shooting boards and production documentation will exist live on computers and digital devices to reduce paper use
  • Eliminating hard drives: An upgraded data network at the facility offers a feasible alternative to the use of expensive back-up hard drives for production
  • Plastic-free eating and drinking: Catering facilities in the studios are to be as plastic-free as can be reasonably expected

Alan Smart
Chief Operating Officer