Clangers make debut

20th July 2015

We’re over the moon that the Clangers episodes have made their debut on Cbeebies this summer. Our little knitted friends have been filmed in our studios, exploring the planet they once inhabited in the original Smallfilms series from Peter Firmin and Oliver Postgate.
It has been an honour to work alongside Peter Firmin and Dan Postgate to bring Major, Soup Dragon and the rest of the Clangers clan back to Children’s TV screens. We used stop-motion animation to retain the look and feel of the classic series, which has proved popular with viewers!
The most rewarding part of the whole Clangers production process is seeing the end result, which has been so well received amongst its audience. The reviews have also been outstanding, with the Guardian commenting “If you can’t have Oliver Postgate, then who better than World’s Nicest Man Michael Palin to tell you what’s going on, and to interpret their whistled glissandos? I don’t think there’s anything to upset any Clanger aficionados here.”

The Independent also loved the show, commenting ““It’s every bit as lovely as you would want it to be. For those who grew up with the whistle-voiced, knitted moon-mice this remake is like slipping on an old pair of trainers. As for the new generation – if your kids don’t like it, they have no taste.”

We’re still in the studio spending time with Soup Dragon, Major and Tiny Clanger and producing more minutes of the much-loved series, we can’t wait for everyone to see the rest!