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The Tiny Chef Show is nominated for a British Animation Award (BAA) 2024

20th February 2024

Tiny Chef wins a Children’s and Family Emmy Award!

18th December 2023

Tiny Chef nominated for Kidscreen Award 2024!

7th December 2023

Slumberkins and Tiny Chef – Children’s Emmy nominations

7th December 2023

Norman Picklestripes is finally on UK screens! 

3rd April 2023

Check out Chef’s acceptance speech at the 50th Annie Awards!

2nd March 2023

The Tiny Chef Show wins Annie Award

28th February 2023

The Tiny Chef Show wins at Kidscreen Awards

15th February 2023

The Tiny Chef Show receives Annie Awards nomination

18th January 2023

The Tiny Chef Show receives Kidscreen Awards nomination

18th January 2023

Slumberkins Premieres on Apple TV+

3rd November 2022

Behind the Stump

9th September 2022

David McKee – In Memoriam

7th April 2022

Biz and Buzz Press Release

25th March 2022

Factory and Hensons scares up a ghost story!

22nd October 2021

The Secret Story Draw

11th March 2021

Mr Benn 50th Anniversary!

25th February 2021

Factory animator wins prestigious award!

27th November 2020

Mr Benn on Amazon Prime!

24th November 2020

Scream Street: Animation in lockdown….

5th November 2020

Norman Picklestripes receives Daytime Emmy Award nominations!

22nd May 2020

The cast of Norm sing ‘We All Live In a Global Quarantine’ (Parody)!

17th April 2020

Clangers Makes China Market Move

22nd January 2020

Norm nominations!

14th January 2020

Norman Picklestripes nominated for Kidscreen Award

11th December 2019

Annie Awards 2020 Nomination!

3rd December 2019

Clangers Won!

25th November 2019

Manchester Animation Festival Nominations

11th November 2019

Mimi and the Mountain Dragon airs Christmas 2019!

31st October 2019

Factory and Andersen Press to Partner on New Animated Series of David McKee’s Elmer the Patchwork Elephant

2nd July 2019

Norman Picklestripes airs Saturday 27th July!

29th May 2019

Cliver Juster to receive BAFTA Special Award

16th November 2018

Clangers Animator Receives Manchester Animation Festival Award

16th November 2018

Clangers Series 3 Announced!

3rd October 2018

Retail and Marketing Finalists Named for Licensing Awards

30th July 2018

Factory Rights Buzzing with Mr Benn Bee

24th July 2018